Non-Invasive Leaks Detection Services

Having a leaky plumbing system can cause major damage to your property, and if not attended to immediately, it can set you back a big amount of money for repairs. Arlington Aa Plumbing specializes in leaks detection. Using high-quality tools, our technicians can detect any leak in your plumbing system, no matter how hidden it might be. Furthermore, as a plumbing contractor, we can also fix the leaks we find, efficiently and fast.

How can I know if I have plumbing leaks?

We offer non-invasive leaks detectionSometimes, your plumbing system may have leaks that are too small to be noticed but still big enough to cause you major problems if you don’t have them fixed as soon as possible. As a responsible leaks detection service provider in Arlington, WA, we would like to share with you some information which may be very useful when trying to figure out if you have plumbing leaks or not.

Water heater leaks: Every water heater is equipped with a pressure relief valve which is plugged directly into the drain. If this valve is broken, your water heater may loose hundreds of gallons of water a day and you won’t even notice. Have your local plumber inspect your water heater, or even better, let us perform a leaks detection service. If your water heater is indeed leaking, our plumber can fix it in no-time.

Toilet leaks. The best way to check if your toilet is leaking is by taking the top off and listening to any water flow sound. If you hear a constant water leak, than you definitely have problems with your toilet. Call Arlington Aa Plumbing and have us take a look. A second opinion coming from a professional is always a wise move to make before deciding to replace your toilet.

Hidden leaks. Unfortunately, not all water leaks can be visually detected. The biggest part of your plumbing system is actually buried deep under the floor, inside your walls or in the ceiling. Due to corrosion, temperature difference, or extensive wear, any pipe can develop leaks. The question is, how can you find out your plumbing is leaking if you can’t see the leak?

The answer comes from your water meter. Find your main shut-off valve and close it temporarily. Meanwhile, check your water meter. If the dial is still moving, then it is clear that you have a leak somewhere in the system. Detecting it requires the help of a professional leaks detection service provider in Arlington, WA.

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