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Welcome to Arlington Aa Plumbing, the leading plumbing contractor in Arlington, WA. We opened our business back in 1993 with one simple goal: to help all residential and commercial people in the area with all their plumbing needs, offering an outstanding plumbing service. Our service is comprehensive. It includes everything from leaks detection to plumbing installation and water heater repairs.

Mar 18, 2013 by Paul W.

I couldn’t find a lower price for a leaks inspection anywhere in town. The plumbing repairs were done in no time, I am glad that I called your company!
Thank you!
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Address: 172 E Gilman Ave, Arlington, WA 98223
Phone: (360) 523-2662

What do we have to offer?

leaks detectionLeak detection.
Arlington Aa Plumbing offers leaks detection services in Arlington, WA. If your plumbing system has leaks but they are hard to reach or see, we have the perfect solution for your problem. Using high-quality equipment, our plumber can detect any broken pipe with amazing precision. Click on our service page and find out how to understand if you have leaks in your plumbing system.

Plumbing installation.
As a plumbing contractor in Arlington, WA, we’ve installed many systems, for both commercial and residential customers. Our crew specializes in offering a true plumbing service, from a job as simple as a faucet installation to the most complex water heater installation, we have the tools and knowledge to do them right the first time.
In matters of plumbing installations, Arlington Aa Plumbing offers: sink, faucet, shower cabin, bathtub and water heater installation. We are also able to install complete plumbing systems for new constructions or sewers and pipes for any others. Every plumber specializes in his own field of activity, so rest assured you’ll get the right professional for your particular installation project.

We offer affordable plumbing servicesPlumbing repair.
Like any other plumbing company in Arlington, WA, we also offer plumbing repair services. However, the difference between our plumbing service and all the rest is that we do it better, faster and more reliably, all for the same price, if not even cheaper. When our plumber comes to you in response to an emergency call, expect him to be on time, do the job accurately, and guarantee his work. We offer warranties for every plumbing project we deliver.

Emergency service.
Immediate response to any plumbing related issue is the key to a successful service. Arlington Aa Plumbing is a responsible plumbing contractor, and feels obliged to assure you of a constant supply of water at any time of the day or night. Our 24/7 emergency service is designed to offer a feeling of relaxation to all our customers, that their plumbing system works without interruption all year round.

Arlington Aa Plumbing also installs and repairs water heaters.
Our licensed technicians are able to provide any type of water heater service. Furthermore, they are used to all major makes and models. No matter how old or new your water heater might be, we have the tools and knowledge to fix it or install it fast and efficiently. If you want to find out more about our water heater offers, please visit our service page.

We are fully licensed and insured.
When it comes to any plumbing service, hiring a reliable and bonded plumber is a must. Your plumbing system is a major investment and should always be protected. In order to do so, we advise you to hire a licensed and insured plumbing contractor such as Arlington Aa Plumbing. Call us to schedule an appointment. We have been in the plumbing business since 1993, and this says more than enough about our reliability and experience.

We handle any problems that involve water or waste, including, but not limited to the following services:  Any Water and/or Waste Issue, Dewatering/Sump Pumps, Drain Cleaning, Facets, Fixtures, Hydro Jetting, Leak Detection, Septic Repairs , Sewage Ejection Pumps, Sewer Repairs, Sewer Replacement, Sewer Video Inspections, Sewers, Water Filtration, Water Heaters, Water Lines, Well Pumps.

For a true plumbing contractor in Arlington, WA call (360) 523-2662.